We got snow!!!

Hoorah! It’s been snowing and I love it, it looks so pretty all crisp and white! Woke up at 6am and looked out of the window to see we’d had about an inch to two inches in parts! We took Mikey for a quick walk and I managed to slip over 3 times onto my knees, was laughing so much I got soaked! It hurt too! Dropped Greg off to work as unfortunately for him the school he works at was open and continued to plough through the snow to work. This is the view from our office window looking over the fields
When I got into work we had no phones or network connections so couldn’t log onto my pc to do any work. BUMMER! ha ha. Phones & pc got re-connected at 3:30pm just in time for my 4pm finish – Fab first day back at work methinks! WW wise – had 2 pieces of toast before work, 2 pts worth of grapes, 2 satsumas, ww carrot & lentil soup for lunch with an apple and a banana for afters! Very healthy! also ate 2 chocolate covered wafers that my colleague bought back from Greece was very yummy but not so healthy! Had planned on going to the gym after work but couldnt actually breath through my nose as I’ve got really bunged up during today. Have a nasty feeling I’m getting the dreaded lurgy! Will sudafed myself up..Greg made tea – we had spring vegetable lasagne from one of the ww books and it was gorgeous! Luckily for me Greg’s really got the cooking bug lately and will try his hand at pretty much any recipe I put in front of him! I am a very lucky lady to have such a supportive husband. Thank you babes xx

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