Have had a brilliant past few days..I am so chuffed with myself for getting a new job i’ve kind of slipped off the wagon a bit and have gorged on very naughty naughtiness all week! (Indian, Pizza Hut & Chiquito’s) but its all in the name of celebration! but I promise to get back on track tomorrow to see of the last 1lb and a half to my 3 stone loss! Met a friend tonight for tea, we had a good catch up and went to the cinema to see Bride Wars! Good girly film and it made me think back to when me and Greg planned our wedding…I am so glad I wasn’t a bridezilla. Happy memories! Have also registered for the Race For Life today with my sister, it’ll be the third one we’ve done and am really looking forward to it! It’s over Cannock Chase this year on 26 July so as soon as i’ve got my race number i’ll be bugging everyone for donations!! Well I have 15 days left at work until I leave (i’m not counting the 5 days I’m in France with uni on study leave) and I cannot wait! I’m really excited to start my new job and to be honest its the first time in ages i’ve been like this…excited about work, whats all that about? Still smiling like that cheshire cat below, can you tell?..

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