Not well…

So I’ve caught the dreaded lurghi and have been up since 3am with a bunged up but runny nose, a whopper of a headache, blocked sinuses, sore throat and chesty cough. Fantastic! just what I dont wan’t for my exam tomorrow! Have had the day off work as was a bit of a state (so tired!) and have been to the new ww meeting but only to get weighed. The leader is called Laura and she seems really nice, promised I’d stay for the meeting next week as didn’t want to pass my cold/flu around! Am quite pleased as I lost 2.5lbs so managed to lose the extra pound I put on over Christmas and more! Woohoo! Am off to dose myself up and get into bed..wish me luck for tomorrows exam! Will need all the help I can get…Found this (above) on the ol’ tinternet and have decided I’m just feeling sorry for myself as only have a cold! But i’m still off to bed..night x

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