Lazy weekend…

Have had a really lazy weekend which is just what the doctor ordered following my week of exams, the stupid cold and to top it all off, rather unexpectedly ‘the’ time of the month! Have done the housework, made a few birthday cards, watched a couple of films and have generally chilled. Did make a yummy stew last night from a recipe I got off the ww boards, it was a beef stew with a bottle of guinness in it! It actually turned out really nice and was quite impressed..Greg has also been very busy in the kitchen today using recipes from the ww cookbooks. For tea tonight we’ve eaten turkey kebabs with peppers, sweet potato and onion all grilled on a skewer with some salad. For pudding Greg made rich chocolate mousse cake which looked and smelt amazing! It serves 12 and each portion is a whopping 4 points but luckily its not really my cuppa tea else i’d be starving myself tomorrow! Haven’t yet been back to the gym , no real excuses apart from I haven’t felt well enough to go but will definately go after work tomorrow night no excuses!

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