I love Sundays…

It’s Sunday, 1:10pm and i’m still in my pjs…GREAT! Greg’s just popped out to do our weekly shop on a very limited budget and so this week we’re attempting to use up the stuff in our freezer and cupboards with the blend of fresh fruit and veg! Had my hair done yesterday (trimmed and had my colours done..hence why we are now broke for the rest of the month!) and we went to an extended family birthday party last night over in Tamworth which was quite nice and had 11.5 points to use on the buffet! Didn’t over indulge so hopefully won’t have gone over the points I had allowed myself. We’re planning on going to the gym in a bit and then need to come home and get some housey stuff done! Got a busy week planned including meeting my group at uni to discuss our residential trip to Paris in 2 weeks, 2 ww meetings and a couple of vip appointments…more to follow on those!! Am hoping for my 3lb loss and haven’t had a sneaky peek on the scales as yet although I am sooo tempted…Thing is, if I get on and I haven’t lost, i’ll be so disappointed but if I have lost I’ll be really excited..my ww scales at home are always about 3lb out though so its hard sometimes to know how much I actually weigh! Thats probably a good thing…

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