Exams are over…woohoo!! not sure how I got through them but I did and they are done! Not sure when the results are out so lets just hope I pass…Had some brilliant news yesterday too, I passed an essay I handed in just before Christmas which gave me so much grief, I really didn’t think I would pass it but I only got a flippin’ A grade! WOW!! Go me! I am over the moon! Went along to another WW meeting with my sister tonight and she had managed somehow to only put on half a pound since last weigh in! She’s such a jammy thing ‘cos she’s being eating like a pig for the last 3 weeks! So Well Done Toesknees, keep up the good work! Am absolutely shattered and am going back to work tomorrow as I am feeling loads better just have a really annoying chesty cough so am off to get some beauty sleep…Night x

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