Fabtastic news….

I am so chuffed to tell everyone that I’ve got a new job!!!! WOOHOO!! Went for an interview on Wednesday morning for the role of HR Administration Manager at an Academy (posh High School!) in the West Midlands. The interview went well although my jacket that I wore for my interview was 3 sizes too big and it was absolutely hanging off me (it must have looked like I’d raided someone else’s wardrobe) but it didn’t matter ‘cos 2 hours later they rang me back and offered me the job! It’s a brilliant move for me as its a brilliant payrise and I get more annual leave, healthcare and a fantastic job title! Have learnt quite a lot where I currently work and feel that it’s just the right time to leave and for me to have a new challenge! Am very pleased with myself right now so am off to write my resignation letter.. WHOOP WHOOP!!

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