Back to work blues…

I can’t believe I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow. Where has the time gone? We had a flutter of snow here in Wednesbury today, but nothing substantial..both me and hubby are praying for 7 inches of the white stuff tonight so we can look out the window in the morning and have a ‘duvet day’ instead of going to work but hey it won’t happen so we’ll both be resuming our usual routines and getting up early and going to work. Work should be ok, won’t have time to be bored so it’ll be go in, do my stuff and get outta there!! I do enjoy my job really but it’s just been such a hectic place to be recently. I’ve got a couple of exams too this week at uni, so have been ‘attempting’ to revise over the holidays in preparation and am also attending a new WW meeting this week on Tuesday at 6pm, am a bit nervous as it’s a completely new group, won’t know anyone or leader and I’ll be on my own…BUT am definately going as want to get weighed and get stuck into losing more of this excess baggage! Am also planning to get back to the gym this week with swimming tomorrow after work…This week I was attempting ‘faststart’ on 22 points a day and to be honest it hasn’t been brilliant! I have been on track properly this weekend and am very pleased with my efforts but am really looking forward to having more points to play with tomorrow! Oh, just want to mention ‘Good Luck’ to my sister Toni who is also going back to work tomorrow following the end of her maternity leave! 9 months has flown by and i’m sure she’ll get back into it no problem, it’ll also do her a favour as she won’t be able to nibble on any remaining christmas goodies and she’ll be on her feet most of the time running around after her residents so the weight will no doubt drop off her! I’ll be thinking of you sis! So fingers crossed for the fluttery stuff tonight…

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