21st weigh in..

Tonight was my 21st weigh in and I lost 1.5lb! Only have 1.5lb to lose now and I will have lost 3 stone in total, but to be honest am a little disheartened, I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but I feel like at this rate its gonna take forever! Need to stop being so harsh on myself..but when you’ve been so good all week and being to the gym 3 times you’d love to see a bit more gone! Anyway, enough of my moaning, i’ve drawn a line under my successful loss and here’s to the last remaining 1.5lb to go this week! Work it baby work it!! The picture above shows a massive fish which weighs a total of 40lb…thats what I’ve lost so far… that whole fish!! mad isnt it? Got a big day ahead tomorrow so am off for a shower and an early night ta-ra x

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